Good things take time.

start from somewhere. set intentions and draw a path towards the destination.

enjoy the journey. observe. take notes. capture the feelings while living the moment. not only the fun times. you know there are hard times as well. 

see the signs; connect the dots. 

surround yourself with people, who know what they are doing. or teach them. 

life is all about sharing, right? 

organizing the junk drawer would take you one step further to your intention.

simplify. whatever you are working on it. 

watch birds + play with cats ->  great teachers + messengers.

less emotional eating. less sugar. less carb.

bless your water, bless your food. 

be away from the technology while at the dinner table.

use stairs. not only downstairs.

adopt a mantra. - be thankful to the great spirits of your life. 

-who knows how to enjoy and participates in life will be awarded; all like minded are connected.

if you feel like something is missing in your life; appreciate that in advance to receive more.

it is always right timing. 

whatever it takes.

x Liz